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Christine with Frankie


"We do not know what we would have done without the help of In a Family Way. The first weeks of parenthood were a bit overwhelming and Christine, with her wealth of knowledge, patience, humor and common sense, made us feel confident and safe. She helped us figure out (and feel calm about) breast feeding (no small feat). She cooked for us, taught us myriad tips on comforting our baby and took care of errands and many miscellaneous headaches. Having her around is a joy.

She knew what we needed both physically and psychologically and she was an absolute delight with our beautiful baby boy. Her enthusiasm for what she does infuses her personality. She has more energy that the fire engines she imitates for her grandson, Harrison. Christine's post partum doula service is simply the greatest gift you can give yourself and your baby."

Sen. Bob Kerrey and Sarah Paley

"When I refer new moms to Christine Kealy, I know they'll always get the love, support, and care to start them off on the right foot."

Susan Levitsky, M.D. Pediatrics



"I can't think of a better thing to give a new mom
than 20-30 hours of doula care from Christine Kealy's In a Family Way"

Peggy Levine
Director, Total Fitness for Women


Christine Kealy could not have entered our lives at a more critical period of time after coming home from the hospital with our newborn son. My partner and I were going through an extremely trying post-partum period and needed someone special to help us with his special needs. Christine was that extraordinary someone. From the moment she walked into our home Christine demonstrated a warmth, compassion, patience and expert maternal care we needed and that is matched only by our own wonderful mothers. Within moments of meeting her, we felt completely at ease and comfortable to have Christine soothe and care for our inconsolable boy. Seemlessly she embraced him as if he were her own and allowed us to leave our home to catch our breath after a first few difficult weeks. We have learned a great deal of successful parenting techniques from Christine and to this day continue to reach out for her advice, wisdom and support. Words alone cannot describe the tremendous gift Christine has given our unique family. Anyone in need of a hand--or even some post-partum heavy lifting--should give Christine and In a Family Way a call.

2 Moms and a little boy

"I am so sorry we won't be seeing our doula Carole any longer. We adored her! Not only was she such a help to me...answering questions, teaching me mom skills and just being a wonderful friend, she was an integral part in making Greta the dream child she is today.
Your service is hands down the best in the city. The flexibility with hours is fabulous. Thank you for everthing, I really appreciate it!"

Lisa and Greta Malloy

Christine Kealy worked as our doula after the birth of our daughter Frankie in April of this year. First, let it be said that Christine was the first (and only, as yet) person we trusted alone with our baby! Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable and experienced about caring for infants, she’s also possibly the kindest, most energetic, most wonderful person when it comes to interacting with infants—she cuddles our baby, constantly talks to her, and somehow seems to understand exactly what Frankie needs. We know that when Christine is with Frankie, our daughter will not only be safe and cared for, she’ll really be loved (and she won't cry!). When Frankie went through a fussy period, Christine was the only one who could get her to stop crying and calm down.

Christine is equally knowledgeable and caring and energetic (and supportive) when it comes to working with new mothers and fathers. As a father, I'm indebted to Christine for giving me the tools to pacify my daughter. Christine has given me innumerable, and invaluable, amounts of advice about feeding and naps and diapers and baths and swaddles and generally keeping our baby healthy and happy. But she also encourages my own instincts. She helped my wife and I trust ourselves when we should, and helped us learn new techniques when we needed guidance. She also has a knack for being completely at home with us, instead of making us feel as if we had a guest that needed taking care of. She seemed to instantly know where everything was and needed to go, and always left the apartment cleaner and brighter than when she arrived.
We only wish Christine could be our full-time nanny and hope that she'll be in our daughter's life for many, many years to come.

Devin Freidman & Danielle Pergament


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