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Congratulations! You're going to have a new baby!

Christine with Masie.

I’m Christine Kealy, the Director of In a Family Way and I started my post partum care service in 1991 to help new parents in New York City and Brooklyn care for their new babies....and themselves.

I am third eldest in a family of eight children and the proud mother of three grown children. Most recently, my 5 grandkids have been keeping me up to date on the needs of the new family. So, as you can see, I am well suited to this wonderful job.

I’d like to help you decide how a Doula might help you get through those first weeks after the birth of your baby.

Most frequently asked questions about post partum doula service:

How Does a Doula Differ from a Baby Nurse?

Unlike a baby nurse (not usually an RN) who is there only to care for the infant, a doula focuses on the needs of the new mother as well as the newborn. She is there to nurture the mother by offering practical assistance as well as emotional support, enabling you to recover faster and feel more confident in meeting the challenges a new baby brings.

Your doula provides skilled breastfeeding support and guidance in all aspects of newborn care whether that means demonstrating swaddling, bathing and burping techniques or caring for the baby so you can sleep or get some fresh air. She can also tend to practical chores, as time permits, such as shopping, cooking nutritious meals, tidying up, laundry, errands and caring for siblings.

Above all, a doula is a mentor who answers your questions and provides much needed assurance in a gentle, non-judgmental way, allowing you to develop your own unique parenting style. She comes to your home between 3 and 5 hours a day.

You know you are going to need an extra pair of hands when your baby arrives but you are not sure how much time to book or how to schedule it?

We offer you a basic 16 hour Package of Doula Care which can be used every day or every other day,.. or over a few weeks as you find that you need the help. This is based on the average number of hours that most of our clients need to get them on their feet and feeling confident. Of couse you can always book extra hours on a per diem basis as needed. We do recommend that you use at least 4 hours when you first return home with your baby so that we can answer all your questions and demonstrate just how you need to care for your little one in those early days. The balance of your hours can then be used when your partner returns to work or your relatives leave and you find yourself on your own needing sleep and reassurance. Once you register for this 16 hour package you are insured that one my doulas will be available to you as long as you need her help.

We now offer an 5 hour Hands on Babycare and Breastfeeding Class for those of you who are fortunate enough to have partners or parents eager to help you with the myriad of tasks a doula normally does but who are perhaps not as knowledgeable about infantcare and breastfeeding. We can share our knowledge and experience with you and your family, availing you of the most updated information on everything from umbilical care to frequency of feeding, swaddling techniqes and when you need to wake a sleeping baby!. Let us help you decide what might best suit your needs.

Can I Interview a Doula?

Yes, absolutely. I will put you in touch with a doula I think might be a good match.You will have a initial phone conversation with her and she will give you references to call. These references can give you a good sense of her personality and many times our clients feel satisfied enough at this point to reserve our service. However, if you would like to meet her in person, we will set up an inteview to meet at your convenience.
Each of my three doulas has been trained by me, is CPR certified and has worked with me for almost ten years I am also a postpartum doula myself.. We understand that it is very important for you to have the same doula througout. But we all provide backup for one another in the event that your doula is ill or should you deliver much earlier than anticipated. Once you have reserved my doula service, you will be quaranteed
a doula to help you regardless of when your baby arrives...early, late or right on time!

For information on our rates and how to register for a doula from In A Family Way, please contact me at 212-877-8112 or email me at

For some great feedback from our clients, read through my website.

I look forward to helping you through this amazing and challenging time!

Christine Kealy


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